By: Ivana Vašarević

A member of the new band Ede Maajka is a virtuoso American guitar player of Croatian roots who lives with his wife and daughter in a home in Zagreb Borongaju.

Chris Cornell, Shakira, Richard Marx, Alanis Morissette, Anastacia ... these are just some of the great names of the world music scene with which Yogi Lonich, a prominent American guitarist of the Croatian roots, has been living in Zagreb for some time. Born and raised in San Jose, California, his father, who moved to the United States at age 17, from his native Kukljica on the island of Ugljan, first came to San Francisco where he met Yogia's mother Peruvian, with whom, except for the eldest son, also two daughters. Plavka, my high school nurse, is also a musician and has infinitely influenced me. He has always sung and acted, and at an adult age he has had a very successful career, especially in Europe. She collaborated with German producer Jam & Spoon, and the biggest hit they had was "Right in the Night" in 1993. Plavka lived in England for a time, I studied jazz and classical guitar several years later I graduated, and I got my own contract with the record company and started seriously dealing with music. All in all, I had a normal and beautiful childhood. My parents supported me, especially Mom. She was primarily a housewife and cared for by the family, and Dad worked as an electrician in the army and the US government. They both have beautiful voices and are musical, but never professionally engaged in music, they were just a hobby. The youngest sister singing here and there, but the stewardess is occupied - Yogi tells us.

Hilary Adorno