Ahhh, the ever controversial question among musicians, “Is vibe more important than amazing chops?” This California born pro guitarist, and former Buckcherry, Wallflowers and Fuel member, has a very strong opinion on the subject: Yogi Lonich. Why do we accept his opinion like it comes straight from the musician’s Almanac, you ask? Because his performance resume comes fully loaded with the heavy hitters, like Cat Stevens, Chris Cornell, Kid Rock, Sarah Mclachlan, Filter, DJ ZEDD, and Shakira. Yogi has been nominated for a Grammy in the “Best Hard Rock Performance” category and he won an LA Music Award for “Independent Pop Artist of the Year”. With a plate completely full with touring and recording, he somehow finds the time to also write and produce his own material. That’s My Gig was lucky enough to catch Yogi with a few minutes to spare, so we could find out exactly how he continues to turn a quintessential "vibe" into magic.

Cornell band, Photo by Ross Halfin.jpg
Hilary Adorno