Genius is a term losing merit in the music industry - it’s overuse has become as generic as the word denim when explaining a pair of blue jeans. However, every now & again it firmly nails itself into a description with dead on accuracy. Such is the case of accolades written time & time again about guitarist, performing artist, producer & songwriter Yogi Lonich. Lead guitarist & backing vocalist for Chris Cornell since 2006, Yogi is no stranger to sharing the stage with musical legends. His stage CV includes names such as Prince, Kid Rock, Melissa Etheridge, Natasha Bedingfield, Bonnie Raitt, Axl Rose & Slash. He’s also known for a little show at the Rock'N Roll Hall of Fame with Jimi Hendrix band members Mitch Mitchell & Billy Cox for the 2008 Hendrix Exhibit.  Yeh, it’s just how Yogi rolls. Oh, did I mention he’s also a former member of The Wallflowers, Buckcherry & Fuel? I was honored to steal some time away from his own legendary schedule. Read on for some Q&A with the rock'n roll music man who’s also quite fond of silence...

Hilary Adorno