Yogi Lonich is a US guitarist of the Croatian roots, who has been engaged in Trilby, at Thrill Blues Festival, in the band Fire Rats - an unbeatable "power blues trio" with Leo Anđelković and Boris Hrepić Hrep. The widespread smile before the play was fiercely thrilled for the outcome of the soccer match with the Russians, and the spirit of the fan was sparked since he moved with his wife and daughter from Los Angeles to Zagreb. Before, she said, she did not even know about her sporting affinity.

In his rich guitar career he played with many famous musicians and bands such as The Walflowers, Buckcherry, Cat Stevens, Anastacia, Shakira and for several years was the leading guitarist Chris Cornell band. He also played with the members of the Doors, and for the blues story the most important thing is that he played guitar with Mitchem Mitchell and Billy Cox, the last show of Jimi Hendrix Experience band.

Immediately before coming to Tril, he was in China at the supporting band Alanis Morissette, several times a year going "over the bars" in America for work because he is constantly active in the studio and studio. He also performs on the footage of many Croatian performers, conducts his Yogi Lonich jazz blues trio and is a member of Ede Maajke band.

Culture:  American guitarist of Croatian roots
Hilary Adorno