"We did not plan to achieve commercial success. We wrote from the heart, from a perfectly clear spot."

Yogi Lonich, a virtuoso guitarist and winner of the prestigious Grammy Music Awards, after 30 years in Los Angeles "cast anchor" in Zagreb, continues to create an extremely successful domestic and international career. Among the more recent successes is his collaboration on the Ede Maajke, the "Put u plus" album. How did Croatia win Yogi? How to fall in love with the guitar and many other interesting things find out below. You were born in the United States, traveled the world, played with great stars, married a Croatian and settled in Croatia from where you roots. How did Croatia win you so much that you decided to "throw anchor" here? Is there a segment of life in the US that you miss here and what Americans can "borrow" from Croats? We moved to Zagreb for personal and family reasons. Our daughter moved to the first grade and seemed like an excellent idea to provide her European experience. Here it is much quieter than in Los Angeles (school shootings, kidnappings, earthquakes, air pollution, traffic ...).

I have the feeling that Croatians are not burdened with work and earning money. The most important break in Croatia! At the same time, Americans are preoccupied with progress, ambitions, and often their path of living.

Hilary Adorno