Gastro interview – Why I moved to Zagreb/Croatia
by Josip Novosel

You lived in Los Angeles, you played with Chris Cornell, Shakira, Anastacia…, you where a rock star, you had everything. Why did you move to Croatia? Why do you live in Zagreb? Are you suicidal? Por que?

I spent a lot of years being flown and driven to concerts around the world so now I feel it’s time for me to give back and drive my manager to gigs. In all seriousness, my wife is from Zagreb and my daughter was starting first grade and we wanted to put her in a European school system. It was an easy move for us. I love the chill lifestyle here.

Your father is Croatian and your mother is from Peru. Did your father tell you: ”You need to find a Croatian wife and go back to Croatia. Stop playing guitar and find yourself a proper job! I know some people in HDZ, they will find you a nice office job.” 

A few years ago I brought my father to Kukljica and Zadar to visit his brothers for a vacation and he was like: ”I’m never leaving California again.”

Hilary Adorno